Solar Panel Cleaning

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Solar panel cleaning is a must in Southern California where it doesn’t rain very often. Solar panels should be cleaned every 3 to 6 months to keep your power production at optimal levels. I have had customers tell me did after I have cleaned their solar panels they have noticed a 15% increase in the output of power, that pays for itself and then some right there. You may not see your solar panels close up like I do because they’re on the roof but if you had easy access to them you would clean them. that’s because they quickly collect a thick layer of dirt and bug marks.

The way we clean your solar panels is gentle and safe. We use purified water and a soft bristle brush to rinse away the dirt. When the purified water evaporates it doesn’t leave behind any residue. ¬†Ordinary scrubbing with the towel or with the squeegee and with soap could leave residue and scratches, the purified water system is the best way to go. Solar panel cleaning goes hand-in-hand with window washing. lettuce wash your windows and while we’re at it we can jump on your roof and clean your solar panels as well. But if solar panel cleaning is all you want we will be happy to just clean your solar panels. Give us a call today we could talk about the prices as this varies depending on how difficult they are to access. If they are on the ground the cost is lower than if they aren’t a high roof this hard to get to. Anywhere from $2 per panel to $10.