Window Cleaning

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Escondido window cleaning has been in business for about 13 years…We can’t exactly remember how long but the point is we have a lot of experience! Over the years we have honed our skills in window washing and have learned how to give our customers the best product.  Our prices are $7 per window inside and out and that includes washing the screens with soap and water, cleaning the tracks, the seals and around the trim of the window.  You can get a basic idea yourself of the price by counting your windows. One window usually consists of a stationary part and a sliding part. We also charge $7 per window for fixed windows that don’t have a sliding part. Usually it evens out to where there are some big windows and some small windows. Of course we are happy to adjust the price and come to a fair agreement if there are some unique situations. Sliding glass doors we count as two windows, and for French cut windows, the type of Windows that have multiple pains, we charge more.

We use two different methods for cleaning windows. The first method is the tried-and-true traditional method which uses soap and water a chamois and a squeegee. You can never go wrong with this method. Also we use a purified water system. I was not a Believer at first but I have been using the purified water system for cleaning windows for several years now and I know that it works very well. This system purifies the water to such a high level that when it evaporates it leaves no particles behind and the windows are perfectly clean. Escondido window cleaning cleans windows up to 3 stories.  Not only do we clean the outside of the window with ladders and the purification system but we also clean the inside of your windows. We do this taking care of your floors and your furniture. We always wear shoe covers when we are inside, and we use a drop towel to collect any debris or drippings that might come from washing your windows.